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Time makes You

There is this person who works as a business analyst from 8 – 6. They are good at their job, being well-respected in their field by colleagues and associates. This person goes home each evening ‘finishing’ off the day’s work and ‘preparing’ for tomorrow’s work. The person’s son asks a small question regarding coming to their tennis game one evening and the business analyst replies with busyness. Days later, they ask themselves why they do not have time. Another person is out of work, spending their time playing intense-strategy games. The majority of their day is spent with games, and occasionally being TV seasons and films – and once every few weeks, they have LAN Parties for days on end. Their younger sibling asks the gamer why they will not do anything ambitious and the person responds with a lack of time. Later, this person wonders why they lack time to do anything not remembering what they said to their sibling. Time is their reason for the lack of ambitions and difference in their life. To these people, time is a ‘thing’ that prevents them from doing anything.

The business analyst does not have more time than the gamer. Both people have equal exposure to the day and night. Over an extensive period of time, they both have conditioned their lives to become the way it is due to internal and external influences and presuppositions each person has allowed as they have grown. Equal time has not created ambitions for the people. Defining the root of their problem as being time does not, and has not, solved the business analyst’s and gamer’s desire to do what they want on top of what they currently do.

What you do with your time defines who you are. Every experience and every actions is finite. There will always be a beginning and an end for anything you do. Knowing this, it is truly up to you to decide what ambitions you will achieve in the equally finite time we all have.

Nothing in life gets done without allocating the time for the action. You make time for the things you ‘must’ do so to gets done; the same can be done for your true ambitions. A common justification for not making adjustments to one’s schedule is that they have [italics] to do what they currently do. No other person can take action to ensure time is allocated for your ambitions.

What you spend time on, the equal time all people have, resonates who you are – no matter what is said within. People who live mundane lives, not doing anything ambitious, get given various terms: slack, lazy, workaholic, disorganised, poor prioritiser, et al. These terms aren’t necessarily insults; however, accurate indicators of who the person is and what they consider important – afterall, we are what we represent ourselves to be. A person cannot say they are passionate about visual arts without representing that ‘fact’ through there actions such as painting. And the actions can only be shown if time is allocated.

What is done with your time, the same time we all have, determines whether your’re like the business analyst and gamer, or the ambitious one – the people we admire to be like. No matter how many times the analyst and gamer claim they lack time and are different to what they represent, they will continue to be ‘live’ mundane lives. Time makes you.

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The What-Ifs

This person enters a store. It can be any store, nevertheless, they are there to get some important things – so they say. It can be food, toys, accessories or “emergency items”. They complete their purchase and go home. At home, this person has a lot of things around. The majority of what they ownContinue Reading

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Thank you

It’s been a wonderful journey writing these papers this year. Placing my thought in writing has also been a learning experience – discovering different methods of telling the same message. Your feedback has been immensely appreciated. I’d like to thank Trystan Taylor who first suggested a concept similar to publishing these papers the way IContinue Reading

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Don’t Say Merry Christmas

People wish a festive season each Christmas through cards, words and gestures – “Merry Christmas”. Business’ also do the same through their marketing channels, in addition to their drastic sales. The words wished by people mean joy, togetherness and peace amongst one-another. It is the special time of the year to be with close familyContinue Reading

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10 Minutes A Day

Doing the same thing all the time is, by far, the easiest thing you can do. It doesn’t demand effort nor conscious remembering, rather, it’s hardwired in your mind. The thing is practically part of, You. Waking, eating, sleeping, talking, bathing or any other unique aspect of your life do not actually demand sheer concentrationContinue Reading

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Getting where you want to be

Goals are a fundamental aspect of life. They define direction and purpose for existence and also bring about desired changes that consequently manifest a person’s life. Without goals, life, and especially desired changes in life, would seem like a futile and fleeting pursuit. Such desired changes do not involve chance or crossing fingers in theContinue Reading

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30 Day Log

Life is short. Simple. It’s a cliché, but it’s also a fact. Life is finite, hence, we can only commit to a finite amount of ambitions. For every thousand ideas that comes to mind, only one can realistically come to existence. Out of all the things we enjoy, only so many of them can haveContinue Reading

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When in doubt … Persevere

The end of this year is really a beginning – the beginning of something new. The time to truly take a step forward on the journey of being who you are or want to become. The coming year does not behold anymore homework and tests to always submit – time will return in your hands.Continue Reading

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Who cares what others have to say!

There’s this person who does anything they like without thinking about the cause-and-effect it has. They’re not fussed about what people say about them. They make decisions on whim with themselves being the utmost priority, even if they claim others are. There are times they do go out of their way for another, but notContinue Reading

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Sitting on the Cold Bench

Warm benches are comfortable and common. Many people sit on them as their preferred choice. Because there are many people who congregate on the warm benches, they attract a crowd. People like crowds. It makes them feel they belong to something: a cause, a belief, a way of life. They hit two-birds-with-one-stone – enjoying theContinue Reading

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